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A letter from Sensei Terrence Lakey


25th August 2011


Dear Parents,


We need to raise a substantial amount of money to help get our children to the KSI World Championships in June-July 2012. Whilst the SA team has not yet been selected (it will be dependent on how well they do at the National Tournament in September), we are obviously going ahead with raising funds anyway.


I am sure you are aware of the various fundraising efforts of the Fundraising Committee, who (even though they all work and run businesses) willingly give so much of their own time to help the children of our dojo.


I urgently need to call a meeting of all parents who are able and willing to help in any way whatsoever. We will keep it brief, and it will be led by Sensei Terrence and the Fundraising Committee (contact details below). If your child will be competing at the Nationals tournament in September, and is of the age to qualify for World Champs (ie 12 or older next year), then it is essential that you attend this meeting. Other parents also very welcome!


Also note that even if your child is not chosen for the SA team, they may still be invited to attend Squad Training, with the intention of including them in the team should others drop out.


The meeting will be held at the dojo on Thursday 1st September. Please be there from 5.30pm, for the meeting to run between 6-7pm. I have classes from 7pm so we will not be able to run over.


If you are unable to attend the meeting, we welcome suggestions and offers of help. We also encourage everyone to complete the attached questionnaire and return to one of the committee members.


Thanks for your support!


Yours in Karate

Sensei Terrence Lakey

Email- terrencelakey@hotmail.com


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