“Ten thousand rivers flow into the sea; the sea is never full.” - Anonymous

General Information


  1. If at any time you are unhappy or need some advice or assistance, please discuss the matter with your Dojo Instructor.
  2. Always keep up to date with the latest developments by referring to the notice boards and dojo website regularly.
  3. Always refrain from violence and use minimum force when threatened with violence.
  4. Learn to accept constructive criticism.
  5. Be truly humble, refrain from boasting in any way and always assist those weaker than yourself.

What will Karate do for you?

Karate will:

  1. Build you up physically, condition and improve your impact.
  2. Protect you and give you self-confidence.
  3. Condition your mind and body into an alert state.
  4. Develop your character to the full.
  5. Provide fun and recreation for yourself.
  6. Karate is a healthy and exciting sport to be involved in.

    What can you learn from Karate?

  7. Your body possesses natural weapons of hand, elbow, knee and feet, among others. You will learn to use these weapons with control and power, to stop or to follow through and develop bone-breaking force.
  8. You will learn to apply these skills against one or more opponents very effectively.
  9. You will practice “Kata” in a set pattern against imaginary opponents, all without the fear of injury while practicing.

    How do you progress?

  10. During your training go through certain different learning phases, each phase being more challenging and more demanding.
  11. To progress during each phase, the training must always be done conscientiously with a specific aim and result in mind and with the mind always being ready to absorb more and more each day.
  12. Through dedicated, regular and correct physical training, the body begins to accept the required demands, thus creating new levels of perfection.
  13. These different phases of perfection are known as progress.
  14. An obstacle or a problem must be regarded as a challenge and therefore you must apply yourself both physically and mentally to overcome that obstacle. Those who carry on regardless of the hardships will achieve the self-satisfaction and powers(internal and physical) which the art of karate offers.

Inspirational Quotes

“If your mind can conceive it; and you heart can believe it - then you can achieve it.” - Muhammad Ali