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As part of giving back to the community, Sensei Terrence Lakey (Plumstead) and Sensei Bruce van Rensburg (Claremont) provide teaching and educational programmes at one of the underprivileged townships in Cape Town called Vrygrond, a place where kids are battling with desperate issues such as crime, gangsterism, drugs and self- control.


Having worked in this community for the last two years, the Samurai Plumstead and Claremont dojo have provided ongoing assistance in an attempt to support, build, educate, empower and improve the social fabric of this disadvantaged community. Much more is still required from all sectors of our community to assist and make a lasting and sustainable difference to the lives of children, adults and the aged living under these adverse conditions.


Samurai Plumstead are also involved in many other social outreach programmes. Since the Shukokai Karate World Championships are being held in the USA in 2012, the dojo are actively raising funds to ensure that all adults or children who qualify, have adequate funding to ensure their effective participation at World Champs. This initiative includes adults and children participating from severely disadvantaged communities, who have embraced their vision towards mastery in this form of Martial Arts, in addition to assisting in breaking the cycle of poverty, disillusionment and unemployment which is so rife in our society today.


Your valued assistance with these programmes would be greatly appreciated. Contact Us.

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